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Family Vacation 2018 in the Books!!!

I just got back from our first family vacation since my son was just a baby! It was so nice to get away and unplug for a few days, and just get my mind refreshed. August and December are the most stressful months of the year for me. Between preschool starting back up, work benefit paperwork due, and new activities for the kids, I definitely needed a few days to just enjoy my family and my amazing life.

But alas there is always work to be done as soon as we pull back in the driveway! But to be able to look back on our family pictures from vacation will get me through the hard days. To see my kids with the biggest smiles on their faces because they got to play in the ocean, run in the sand, hunt for crabs, look for cool seashells, and see "Kasen's Book" (Pleasure Pier from Goodnight Texas)...…… it's priceless. You don't have to be a professional photographer to take candid pictures of your kids and family. I urge everyone to remember to just take the pictures! You will never regret taking them.

Peyton & Kasen at Galveston Beach with Pleasure Pier in the background
Galveston Vacation 2018

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