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Wedding Timelines!

It is soooooooooo important to have a good timeline for your wedding day. Timelines will help keep all of your vendors straight, and help keep you sane! You should always have 2-3 timelines.

1) Your overall timeline: This is the timeline every vendor needs, and it will keep you on schedule on the big day. Having a detailed timeline (and someone to help you stick to it) is essential!!!! Knowing exactly what time to be where is so beneficial for you, and the wedding party as well.

2) Photography timeline: I like to review the wedding timeline and make sure we will have plenty of time to get the shots you are wanting, and to be able to get from point A to B without running behind. I like to plan out when we will do family portraits, couple portraits, along with where we will be taking them.

3) Reception timeline: This is necessary for your DJ/Band. They are responsible for keeping the flow of the reception going, and a well thought out timeline can help them do just that. Get with your DJ to discuss the timeline and get their input on what works best. After all they do this all of the time, and they know exactly what works well and what doesn't!

This couple was so laid back, and the main photographs they wanted captured were family portraits...... and we definitely got them! They planned out time before the wedding ceremony to take family portraits, each of them taking turns, so they didn't see each other! Then after the ceremony, we took the remaining portraits with the newly married couple and their families. Since the couple carved out time for most of the portraits prior to the ceremony, they were able to knock out the remaining ones, and get to the reception quickly!!

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