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Invest in your newborn's safety

I cringe at some newborn images I see shared online. Not because of the overall image itself, but because I can see that no safety precautions are being taken. Newborn photography is hard y'all! There are so many variables to consider while taking a well composed, well lit, technically correct photo of a newborn.......all while insuring the safety of this tiny, precious little human. I have worked in the healthcare field, taken numerous newborn safety courses & workshops, and am mentored by 2 amazing newborn photographers who have been photographing infants for many, many years. All of this, plus my photography experience, along with me being an overprotective mother myself has thoroughly prepared me for this job. Please do not let just anyone do posed newborn photography on your most precious possession because they are "cheap". Ask questions.....then ask more. As many as it takes to feel comfortable. It should not be an inconvenience to your photographer. Also look at their portfolio. Every photographer has a different style, but make sure the images they are using are not another photographers work. This is illegal, but it does happen....a lot. I was so happy that this mom boss was able to see & appreciate all of the blood sweat and tears that I put into my business. Being the owner of the gorgeous Uptown Roots Salon in Brenham, Texas she knows how much of yourself you put into your business, all hoping that your clients will feel the love and passion you have for your craft! We do everything for our customers. The client experience, the continued education, the constant personal growth is all for you!!! If you have some time and are in the Washington County area, stop by and check out her salon in quaint downtown Brenham. While you are there check out all of the other family owned shops in the area. You will love it!!!

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