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My new photography obsession....RODEO!

My son is obsessed with any and all things rodeo. We have a ton of rodeos on our DVR and he only watches that & The Cowboy Way Alabama. He can tell you every contestant in the last American rodeo, their event they compete in, and whether or not they win.....he's 4! He finally got brave enough to ride Cousin Ryan's horse one day, and has been hooked ever since. So his PawPaw did what any loving grandfather would him a horse.......then got him 2 more! He has fallen off a few times & gotten back on. He has overcome some fears & become a better rider. He loves practicing, taking care of his horses, and is learning so many life lessons along with the actual sport of rodeo. I am so glad he is getting to experience this, meet the other amazing kiddos who live this life & their families, and we also get to spend time together as a family. It's a win, win, win situation if you ask me. And yes, I will take pictures and videos at every. single. rodeo.

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