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True Vintage

I was visiting a small antique shop in Bastrop, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous vintage tatted lace bonnet! I honestly don't even know how or why I saw it. It was folded up on a cluttered shelf with a million other little knick-knacks, but when I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to have it!!!! Fast forward a year and a half later & I finally got to use it on this beauty. It was perfect! At the same store I also found a vintage lace belt. Hopefully one day soon I'll get to use it for the perfect client too! I feel like vintage items never go out of style when you are pairing them with newborns and babies. These pieces of history will live on even longer through the photographs we take with them. How cool is that to think about? In my newborn questionnaire I always ask parents if they will be bringing any heirloom items in with them to their baby's session.....this is why. These pieces of history that have been handed down from generation to generation are so incredibly special, and can make your little one's final images even more special!

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